Monday, October 31, 2016

A Tour of Genoa

It is nice to wake and slowly get ready.  Federico makes us a wonderful breakfast and we relax sipping our drinks - of course mine is a Cappuchino.

Today Federico is going to show us around Genoa.  How lucky are we to have a tour of a city by a local.

We are excited because we get to take the bus!  Yes I know kind of weird, but hey that is just what us bus drivers like to do when on vacation - take the bus.  Buses here are very clean and new.  

We notice a woman get on with a dog on a leash. Apparently here it is okay to do this.  As I mention to Federico that at home all pets must be in a closed carrier to prevent accidents/bites etc.  I notice the dog is throwing up!  Yup he is sick.  Well of course this can happen.  

Then to my shock the woman actually got napkins and cleaned it up.  Well that was a relief.  I am sure if this happened at home and someone did not clean it up someone would slip and then sue transit.  Anyways it is cute to see this dog on board.

We get off at Piazza Verdi right at the train station and large bus loop.

We walk up to Piazza Della Victtoria (Victory Square).  It use to be called Piazza della France but it was changed after the 2nd World War.

Walking along the main street called 22 sept.  The street is lined with shops, business and lots of people.  If you stay on this street you end up at the Piazza de Ferrari where you find a beautiful fountain, Metro Station, Tourist Information and Church.

At this main Piazza you also find a stop for the hop on hop off bus.  Here is a link to their webpage

We stop at Christopher Columbus' House.  Well this is where he was born and raised and the people of Genoa are very proud of this.  Although Spain lays claim to him.  I guess because they funded so many of his voyages.

We stroll towards the large city gates to the old city - which feels amazing.  Reminds me quite a bit of Naples.  We walk thru the old city toward the port.

At the port there are a few cruise ships in today.  This is a regular stop for a few lines, especially MSC Cruise Lines.  

Looking towards the port from the Old City

Once down at the water there are a lot of things to see. Pirate Ship, Aquarium, walk way, and shops and cafes.


a Metro stop is very close to the port

Many of the buildings in Genoa are painted with amazing pieces of art and many are trump d'oeil meaning they trick your eye.  So sometimes you think you are looking at a real statue when actually it is a painted statue.

Federico takes us to a restaurant/store called Eat Italy (we did see another one in Florence later in the trip - here is their website).  Here they see local foods that are in season.  But upstairs is a restaurant.  You order at the counter and then deliver the food to you.  The views are amazing, and the company even better.

I get spaghetti prosciutto with piccoroni cheese - yum 

There is a train that shuttles visitors around - pick up is right near the pier

We stroll back uphill which I must add is much more difficult after a lunch of pasta that included wine and is uphill.  Time to reward myself!

Federico takes us to his favorite gelato place - I try the fig chocolate.  I want to try local foods, attempt something I normally wouldn't.  

We walk so much today, but I am loving it.  Note if you come to Genoa be prepared to walk.  Most streets are easy to get around, but they are often uneven and since the city is on the side of a mountain be prepared to climb.  But if you don't have mobility problems you should have no issues.  If you do, look at taking a shuttle or hop on hop off bus or look at hiring a guide for the day.

Andrea is a work and is just finishing up and arranges to pick us up on the way home.  We get the chance to meet his Mom Barbara as he is driving her home too.

The evening was rather quiet.  Federico made a lovely roast chicken, served with wine, cheese and lots of laughs.

This was my view as we returned to the apartment

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