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November Trip to California and Booking the Three Day Back to Back

I have already posted how we will be doing a 10 day Mexican cruise on the Grand in November.  But since we have two weeks of holidays at this time we thought we should add on to the trip.  

At first we thought about just staying in California.  We checked out hotels and seeing that there was not much under $200 a night that was half decent, then add on transportation, food and the such we changed our minds.

The Golden Princess is doing three day cruises at this time that go from LA to Ensenada with one sea day put in for good measure.  So why not just book that?  All meals, entertainment, and great accommodations are all thrown in.  So we were looking at the November 20 and 23rd sailing as a back to back.

Prices were quite reasonable at $200 for an inside and a bit more for an oceanview.  

At first I thought I will just wait to see if it will come down and one cruise did come down but the other one didn't. Then the other came down but the first one did not. Today I log in and take a p…

Hotels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are CRAZY HIGH

Boy I have been checking out hotel prices in Fort Lauderdale for January and the prices are CRAZY. 

Hotels on the beach, near the airport and even our favorite area 17th Street are so high.  They were similarly high last year in February too.


The Hyatt on 17th street that we use to pay $75 for is going for $300 a night!  Who can afford that, and it is only a three star hotel!

I will keep checking prices in hopes that they will come down or else I may have to resort to staying further away and renting a car.

Anyone else notice this?

* about a week after posting this I was able to succesfully bid thru Priceline on a hotel right across from Sawgrass Mall at the Double Tree for a price of $105 Canadian a night.  

Sea to Sky Gondala

Today we wanted to head out and try something new. Earlier this year the Sea to Sky Gondola opened near Squamish. 

Because it was a Saturday the roads were busy but then as we were driving we remember, oh yeah it is the Squamish Music Festival too. But the park was not too bad and we arrived around noon after about an hour and a half drive from our home. About 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver I would guess.

Bernie bought the tickets and we had a very short wait to get in the gondola. Each gondola can hold 8 people but going up we were just 5 and coming down we were 6. They will group families/groups together and ask for smaller groups to go together.

The ride was stunning. The length of the ride is ten minutes and it is 1920 metres long, it rises 850 metres and in total the summit is 885 metres above sea level.

Once up at the top there is a lodge that serves food and has a gift shop and washrooms. If you feel adventurous you can travel across the suspension bridge to the Spirit Trail pl…

Back to Back Cruises and What to Expect on Turn Around Day

We do a lot of Back to Back cruises... the procedure is similar no matter what the port and ship, but it is important to remember a few things may be different so take note of the information provided to you at the end of the first segment of your first cruise.  
Doing back to backs is a great way to enjoy the itinerary and not worry about missing something cause you can do it the next time around.  It is also a great day to do wash in the passenger laundry cause it is quiet.  I also love wandering around the ship on that day when most passengers are off and exploring the ship.  
This is what we received on the last night of our first segment on our last back to back on board the Emerald Princess.

Back to Back PassengersWe hope that you have enjoyed the first segment of your cruise on board ….. Princess and we’re pleased that you’ll be joining us for our next sailing.
As the Consummate Host, we’d like to make your transition to the next voyage as smooth as possible.  Please note that you …