Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hotels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are CRAZY HIGH

Boy I have been checking out hotel prices in Fort Lauderdale for January and the prices are CRAZY. 

Hotels on the beach, near the airport and even our favorite area 17th Street are so high.  They were similarly high last year in February too.


The Hyatt on 17th street that we use to pay $75 for is going for $300 a night!  Who can afford that, and it is only a three star hotel!

I will keep checking prices in hopes that they will come down or else I may have to resort to staying further away and renting a car.

Anyone else notice this?

* about a week after posting this I was able to succesfully bid thru Priceline on a hotel right across from Sawgrass Mall at the Double Tree for a price of $105 Canadian a night.  

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  1. Vickie it's crazy! In all the years we've sailed from Fort Lauderdale we've never seen the hotel rates this high. I keep checking to find out just what is going on there that would drive the rates so high but have found nothing. It's so frustrating.