Friday, July 8, 2011

Planning for the Caribbean

Like I mentioned in my earlier blog we decided to head back to the Caribbean for another back to back on the Emerald starting November 28.

Flights deals were hard to find, and we soon found out why, The American Thanksgiving weekend was the weekend we wanted to fly down and the day we wanted to fly home was the start of Christmas holidays for a lot of schools.  Fares were noticeable higher, where we usually pay around $300 - $350 we couldn't find anything under $400.  This week we decided to book and got our usual flight (6 am out of Seattle, arrive in Fort Lauderdale around 4:30) and then chose to fly out the day we get off the ship (Sunday) and fly back to Seattle via Chicago, all for $406, which is still about $400 cheaper than flying from Vancouver.

We were able to scoop up at great deal for a 4 star hotel in Fort Lauderdale thru for $85 a night that is right on the beach for three nights prior to the cruise.  Here is a link to the Sheraton Beach Hotel  

This trip feels different, usually we have so many friends sailing with us and the roll call is a flutter of conversation with getting to see each other and planning port activities.  This time we have both agreed that we will attend the meet and greets for both sailings; however that will be it, even though both roll calls are planning a few activities.  I guess we just feel since many of our friends won't be there it just won't be the same.

But we are also looking forward to spending time together - just the two of us, time to focus on us, with no distractions.  Bernie can't wait to pick up his champagne at Total Wine and have it ready for a few sailaways from our balcony.

The only shore excursion we have booked is Woodbine Sail and Snorkel in Bonnaire, but other than that nothing else is planned. 


Since this is the fourth time we have done this itinerary we know all the ports and we just want to enjoy the time away.  I can foresee many days spent at the beach, or just touring around on our own and enjoying a great meal in port.  Or heck we don't mind just staying on the ship and enjoying the ship.

We still have to reserve a hotel for Seattle for the night prior to our flight, which we will do on Priceline too.  We will park our car at our usual car park place which always gives a great rate for month long parking. 

Bernie is really wanting to visit Sawgrass again in Fort Lauderdale, but that entails renting a car and not sure if we really need to go back to Sawgrass and trust me the money we will save will be a lot.  Depending on the weather I am thinking relaxing by the pool, or doing some sightseeing in Fort Lauderdale will do just fine.

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  1. Sounds great Vickie. We'll be enjoying our inagural visit to the Oasis earlier that month (11/5 I think). Wish we would have been able to meet on the Saphhire.