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Oct 9 - Cabo San Lucas

To wake up and feel the heat - we are in Mexico.  Bernie and I have been visiting Mexico for almost two decades now and it always feels like we are coming home.  Now Cabo San Lucas is not our favorite place, a bit too much money here - not the "real" Mexico, but we are off to find some "real" Mexico while we are here.

Cabo is a tender port and we are here only until 2:00 pm, so we are determined to get off as soon as possible and we are down to the tenders first thing.  We must of been on the third tender and grabbed a seat in the open tenders that you see above that are run by the Port of Cabo.  Highly recommend waiting for the open tender as you will hear more about the experience in the tender coming back.

Now when you get off the tender you go thru a pier area that has the duty free shops.  Once you exit the pier you walk along a dock.  You will see people lining both sides of the dock offering you EVERYTHING, a simple "no thank you" usually works but i…

Oct 7 & 8 at Sea

Thursday and Friday we are at Sea, heading South to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

We had an organized Cruise Critic Meet and Greet for the first sea day at 3:00 pm.  Craig arranged the gathering thru Princess, and they set us up in the Wheelhouse Bar.  Paula and Ming did up name tags.  I did up personalized letters for the officers to attend.  

 This is Klaus the Executive Chef and I have to say he was the life of the gathering.  He was very entertaining and loved to talk.  He talked for a half hour at least. In fact when the Captain arrived he waited, and waited and finally had to cut Klaus off so he could say hi.  Throughout the voyage we would run into him running to the next galley and would say hi, but if you stopped to talk that was it, he talked your ear off. 
He is an excellent chef and is so nice and approachable but have to say he is the most talkative chef we have ever met on board.

Joe and Amelia could be found either at the pool or at Crooners bar.  What a nic…

Tomorrow Can't Come Soon Enough

Last minute touches are getting done, packing room is a mess.

Friends have arranged a limo for pick up and we will be picked up around noonish and should be at the pier by one!

The Island has been docked in Vancouver at Canada Place for the past two days, which is surprising and hate to think of the costs of that. I imagine that she is getting some last minute things done before we board tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some workers on board for our voyage to San Francisco doing some last minute items.

We finally got our cabin assignment. B716 a BD category. We booked an obsturcted view for the two day portion and a BG obstructed balcony for the 15 day leg, so we are happy that we got a BD and in the same cabin for both legs.

Weather forecast is cloudy with showers with a 40% chance, but I refuse to put a damper on the festivities.

We've arranged to meet some of our Cruise Critic friends on Tuesday at 12;30 and then have lunch together.

Well off to do more pack…