Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oct 7 & 8 at Sea

Thursday and Friday we are at Sea, heading South to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

We had an organized Cruise Critic Meet and Greet for the first sea day at 3:00 pm.  Craig arranged the gathering thru Princess, and they set us up in the Wheelhouse Bar.  Paula and Ming did up name tags.  I did up personalized letters for the officers to attend. 

Craig and Jerry with Jasper

Maitre D' Silvio Zampieri

Laurie shows off her "Blue Card"

 This is Klaus the Executive Chef and I have to say he was the life of the gathering.  He was very entertaining and loved to talk.  He talked for a half hour at least. In fact when the Captain arrived he waited, and waited and finally had to cut Klaus off so he could say hi.  Throughout the voyage we would run into him running to the next galley and would say hi, but if you stopped to talk that was it, he talked your ear off. 

He is an excellent chef and is so nice and approachable but have to say he is the most talkative chef we have ever met on board.

Amelia and Joe with Jasper
Joe and Amelia could be found either at the pool or at Crooners bar.  What a nice couple and thanks Joe for keeping the roll call going.
Paula and Ming with Jasper

Paula and Ming from California are travelling with Paula's Mom Bea.  Fun couple who organized a few afternoon teas for the group.

Derrick and Connie with Jasper
Derrick and Connie from Powell River who got on in Vancouver with us.

Ken, Caroline and Klaus with Jasper

Ken and Caroline who we sailed with once before on the Grand Princess.  They are from Abbottsford and were lucky enough to be doing a back to back on this voyage.  Klaus (wife Krista is not shown) from Miami.

Jan and Michael and Jasper
Jan and Michael from Seattle who also got on in Vancouver.  We hope to sail with them both again soon.

The Captain talking to the group

We invited Al our friend from work to the gathering so he could find out what Cruise Critic was all about.
The next day I planned a girls gathering in my cabin for 2 pm.  I pre ordered afternoon tea which arrived with an abundance of food, and I ordered it for three people instead of the four.  Laurie, Barb, Shelley and I relaxed with some tea, sandwiches and cakes.  We all did facials on each other and did our nails, while enjoying a bottle of wine.  Lots of laughs and fun.... I am not allowed to post pictures !!

Since the girls were busy Shelley and Laurie told their honeys Rob and Jim that they had to attend the Mexican Fire Opal event -- and get this, they did!  Now that is love.

This afternoon at lunch I went to the Horizon Court as they had a sushi buffet, which was their usual sushi buffet, nothing spectacular just simple rolls, but it hit the spot.  Bernie went to lecture on the Aztecs, The Warriors by Dr. Thomas Ryan.  He said he enjoyed the lecture but was a little put off by some of his comments about politics and warned me I may not like him.  I will hold off judging him till later on. 

Tonight was a rather quiet night, we had a quick dinner in the Horizon court and then we both decided lets head up to the enclosed pool area for a hot tub and a dip in the pool.  We had the place to ourselves it was so nice to just float in the pool staring up at the stars, I am so happy.

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