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Princess Pre/Post Hotel - or NOT

Was chatting with a friend today who is doing a similar repositioning cruise as we are, but she is leaving the day prior. This will be her first cruise, she is sailing with friends who have sailed many times. But this is where everything they are doing differs from what we are doing.

She booked air travel thru Princess from Vancouver, paid 3 times what we did. However we are flying out of Seattle and flying into Long Beach, must closer to the hotel than LAX.

She booked Princess Hotel and is staying at a 3.5 star hotel close to the airport for $150 each (but this does include transfers to the hotel and pier) so total of $300. We booked a 3.5 star hotel Hyatt Long Beach for $60 total thruPriceline. Taxi to hotel is $30, or shuttle for a little less, taxi to pier $25, total $55 for transportation. Her hotel is not near anything, where as our hotel we can easily walk to restaurants, Starbucks, wine store and tourist attractions.

She booked cruise directly thru a local travel adgent and paid …

No More Crusining - RIGHT

After the two cruises in January both Bernie and I decided that we would put cruise travel on hold for the year.

However with a week's vacation coming up in May we both started surfing checking out cruises that could fit in. Unfortunately it appeared that many of the repositioning cruises from California to Vancouver happened the week prior. Oh well, another reason not to cruise.

Until the price dropped on a five day leaving Los Angeles in May. The price was just too good to pass up $322 (coming from my lovely husband Bernie).... I still wanted to wait, still wasn't sure if we should book something, we had made the promise, remember. Bernie was in shock, I never turn down a cruise. But I will admit, my experience with booking this itinerary told me the price may come down again.

Guess what it did come down again. A few days later as I surfed our favorite online agency for cruising I saw the price had come down to $279 so I booked. A week later the…