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Is Cruising Right for You?

Is a Cruise a Holiday for You?

So many people ask me "why do you like cruising so much?" Well that is an easy answer, but I thought I would do a blog entry about it.

I grew up with the Love Boat series. I would watch the show every Saturday and dream that I was Vicki -- I was Vicki but only 20 years younger -- but one day I wanted to experience what was happening on board the "Love Boat". Things are definitely different than on the "Love Boat"

- cabins are much much smaller

- cruise director/purser do not welcome you on board with a list of passengers on a clip board

- your room key now also acts as a card to charge everything while on board

- ships are much much larger

- never once saw Charo, or heard her

- you rarely see the Captain interacting with the public

- at sail aways you never see them throwing streamers off the side (not green)

- security is much much tighter, rarely see guest on board

- a lot less formal

- now there are tons of options for dining, not ju…

Standing By

Cruise Dreams

Must be time for another cruise as I am starting to dream about cruising and vacation. Unfortunately it is still two months till our Panama Cruise on the Island Princess.

This cruise starts in Vancouver and sails to San Francisco on a two day cruise. Then it sails 15 days San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale.

Originally we booked just the second leg along with our friends Jerry/Rose and Karin/John who we have sailed with prior (Golden in May, Star in November). We snagged cabins near each other and Bernie and I thought we would just book the two day Vancouver/San Fran leg when the price came down.

We watched and watched and it seemed like Princess was holding cabins for the entire 17 day trip as there were insides available for the entire 17 days, but the same cabins were not available for just the 2 day cruise. We could understand why Princess would want to sell 17 days instead of just 2 days then a 15 day cruise. But final payment came and went and still these cabins were bein…