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Time to Return to the Caribbean

We had been tossing out the idea of heading back to the Royal in April since December.  

We knew that not being in the Caribbean in January (our usual destination) would be hard this year. Even though we loved Peru and the Mexican Riviera cruises we knew we missed our friends on the Royal.

So when we got home we researched costs and decided to jump on the Royal for it's last cruise in the Caribbean. Makes sense.  We were on her for her first Caribbean cruise this season, why not be on for her last Caribbean cruise of the season.

Of course with booking just over a month prior to sailing cabin selection was limited but we were able to select a great cabin forward on Aloha deck and teased a friend who will be on board that we will be lounging in their large cabin!

Prices were at the same price per day as what we paid last year so we are quite happy.  We considered an upsell that we were offered soon after booking but decided to pass as it was an obstructed view balcony on Emerald and the…

Time for a Change

As many of you know we did something different this January.  We spent two weeks travelling around Peru and then went to LA where we joined the Ruby for 3 weeks. You can read about the cruise here.

The trip to Peru really was life changing.  I really can't explain it easily here how it affected us but it really made us examine our lives and what we want and how to attain it.   

After getting home and back to work and the usual grind of things we both felt uneasy, conflicted, it just did not feel right.  On the fourth day back we both agreed it was time to put into place what we really wanted.  

First step is to sell our condo that we have lived in for 14 years.  That day we contacted 3 agents and we interviewed and chose one within a few days.  Next the process of cleaning the place and getting it ready for showings started.  

Boy you don't realize what you accumulate.  We made numerous trips to the donation center.  We sold a lot of things, we gave away a lot of things.  

I starte…