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The Game of Booking

You would think after over 30 cruises I would know more of when to book.  But even an experienced cruisers needs to realize when it is time to say "time to book, price isn't going to go down".

We knew a long time ago we wanted to do the Star Princess Vancouver to San Francisco Repositioning two day cruise.  Then to stay on and do the ten day San Francisco round trip Mexican Riviera cruise.  We started watching the price back in June.  Price was $919 for an inside, and $149 for two day back then. 

I swear we checked pricing every day.  Every day it was the same price, but I wasn't concerned I was sure it would go down and I advised Bernie that we should wait to book.  Note there were a lot of cabins still available, in every category too.

By mid July price still was the same and we then stated that if by the beginning of August the price hadn't dropped we would book. 

One positive is that the price of the two day had dropped $20 each.  And airfare was excellent, in …