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Alaska Last Minute

Often people talk about last minute cruising but it really isn't possible.  For most people you need to travel to the departure port and for that you require a bit of advance notice.  Also most ships are sold out well before a cruise nowadays.  Not to mention that the manifest of the passengers is require way in advance and ships usually cut off sales about four days prior. 

In May I knew I had two great friends who were on the Diamond, Peter John as Captain Circle Host and Ciska Smit who I really wanted to see.  The Diamond was going to be doing a round trip Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver (the only one of the season).  Now those that know me know I like Alaska but it isn't on my preferred spots to cruise as I would rather visit warmer, more foreign ports.  Plus I live in British Columbia, I see eagles, bears, mountains, ice often.

So when the price was too good to pass up I had to find a friend to go with.  Bernie was going to be out of town in Cape Breton visiting his family…

Royal Caribbean Here I Come

Can you believe it!Here I am a huge Princess Fan, have sailed with them for over ten years now, have done 30 cruises with them!I had sailed four times with Carnival but found it wasn’t a good fit for us and really like what Princess offered.

Then of course Princess’ Loyalty Program kept us going back.At first it was to get to Platinum, then Elite was our next goal.And now that we are at that stage we really appreciate all that comes with that status:free laundry, mini bar, priority tendering, afternoon tea in our cabin, wine tasting, wifi package, priority embarkation etc.And now we are getting loyalty on board credits.A few years ago we purchased 100 shares of Carnival in order to get a shareholder benefit of an on board credit every time we sail on a Carnival owned line.
So why try another line you may ask?
I really never thought about sailing another line until Oasis came out, then Allure with Royal Caribbean.I know I know the ships are huge – 225,000 tons big, but there was something…