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Lima or I Think It Is Lima

We wake around 6:30 after a difficult night as the fog horn sounded all night and we are confused, I know this may sound normal but today it is extra odd.We are not moving, I state “we must be docked but have the pier on the other side”Bernie laughs no we are still in the harbor.Fog surrounds the ship, we can barely see the bridge from our just past midship cabin.

Hmmm something is not right with this picture.We have a tour booked with with Renato, we are really looking forward to it too.Renato was very professional with me and answered emails very quickly and even phoned me at home twice to discuss our plans.We had agreed that he would take the six of us out at a rate of $55 an hour for six hours, the van he had could accommodate more but we just wanted the six of us.

The Captain comes on in all the cabins around 7 to announce that the port is closed currently because of heavy fog, no ships are going in or out and even when it opens we don’t know if we will have priority o…