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Personal Reflections of This Voyage to South America

I loved the itinerary and the different ports of call, the languages, the wildlife, the variety of climate, and the views
Really enjoyed the port lecturer Joe May he was very interesting and helpful, he was always approachable no matter where you saw him on board.He is an asset to this ship and itinerary.Now there is another lecturer Wesley Smith who we have sailed with before who as soon as I heard him on this trip I recognized him.He has some interesting stuff to say but his very very right wing political message comes out in every lecture.In fact a lot of people walk out of his lecture because of his comments.He even had the never to say that the tree huggers are overreacting and their slanted views costs billions of dollars to Nicaragua and Costa Rica.Needless to say I walked out of his lecture.He really needs to keep his lectures free of his political views.
The ship is beautiful and love sailing the Star and would not hesitate to sail on her again.Things I love about this ship are…

Rio de Janeiro - February 17 & 18


We sleep until around 9 am and wake to another beautiful day in Rio De Janeiro.  We contemplate what to do today. We agree we don’t feel like waiting until the shuttle at 11 and decide to walk into Leblon and do as the locals do, visit an espresso shop and get a light breakfast.We find a quaint spot that has spots in the shade on the sidewalk, even at the hour of 10:30 it is quite warm. We order a preset meal that is made for one but is more than enough for the two of us.  It consisted of a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a coffee, a brioche, a croissant, one scrambled egg, two pieces of ham, two slices of cheese and half a papaya.  I ordered a latte and we munched away on this great meal.

We walked all the way from Leblon to the metro in Impenema about 5km and rode the metro three stops to the end of Copacabana and then walked down the main shopping street looking for this record store called Modern Music but I guess it isn’t there anymore and a gym is in it’s place. 


Rio de Janeiro February 15 & 16


We are on our own today and we sleep in until 9:30 so our first thought is lets just catch the 11 am shuttle from the hotel to the Rio Sul Shopping mall which is the last stop on the hotel’s free shuttle.T  his mall is huge!  And after asking someone we found the Starbucks and relaxed for a bit and planned our day.
Our feeling is we want to see the downtown core and we aren’t too far from a Metro station so we start hiking to what we think is the direction of the Metro, well after a few wrong turns and asking about five different people we make it to the Botafogo Metro Station.
Taking the Metro is relatively easy, we are dealing with only one Metro line and we need to take it to Cinelandia stop to start our walking tour.  This walking tour is from the book Lonely Planet’s Rio De Janeiro City Guide, which we have found to be invaluable and a must for anyone coming here.
We start the Historic Center Walking tour at Park Floriano which is a vibrant square with lots of people selli…