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3rd Day and Disembarkation - aka Chaos

The seas have calmed, the water is smooth as silk, things are back to normal.  And with one day left to enjoy this ship we want to relax, and take it easy.

We head to the dining room for breakfast and I am happy as they has Eggs Benedict on the menu.  But it is immediately clear that the passengers are up and ready to enjoy the last day too.  Those that had been under the weather are taking advantage of today.  The dining room is packed, the staff got slammed at the same time and the service is slower today.  A few around us are complaining but we are like "heck where are you going to go anyways".

The on board outlet sale is going on at 10 am and we wander in, well almost in, as soon as we saw the line up of about 20 people to pay, we walked out without even looking at a thing.  I hate lining up and do I really need anything in there, probably not.  But it does appear that quite a few people scooped up some deals.

We are back in the room around noon when the announcement signal…

Golden Princess Day 2 - September 26, 2011

Nothing like the rocking of the ship to ensure a good night sleep!  Hmmm not sure what time it is but gee this ship is really rocking, go back to sleep Vickie, she is really rocking (as the hangers bang in the closet), must be time to get up?  It is 8 am, it is really rocking!  But I have been on ships that rocked before, so let the fun begin.

I get dressed and inform Bernie that I am heading to the Internet cafe and then the International Cafe where we will meet and head for breakfast.

As soon as I head out the door something is different.  There are those airline sickness bags all over the ship, just in case.  At the elevators, in the washrooms, at every bar, at every lounge --- my first thought is really, people get sick with this motion. 

The ship is much quieter than normal.  Bernie meets up with me at the Internet Cafe and we log on (we get $75 Internet package each for free because of elite status, and it sure comes in handy later).  The people around us are grumbling the usual s…

3 Day Coastal on the Golden Day One - September 24/25

We originally were just going to head down to the pier on the Sunday the 25th to board, but Bernie won some Canuck Hockey tickets to a pre season game on the Saturday.So we thought why not make it an early start to our mini vacation and head into the city on the Saturday and stay a night at a hotel.

I booked the Hyatt on Burrard thru for $125 a night.The hotel is a great location, and the room was wonderful.We were given a room on the 20th floor facing West.Thru the buildings we could see StanleyPark.The room had a lovely king size bed, flat screen t.v., desk and the bedding was like sleeping on a cloud.The bathroom was outstanding, in fact we took pictures of it because we loved the d├ęcor so much we are thinking of using some of the ideas for our future bathroom remodel.
Saturday night before the game we headed out for a nice meal at Rouge which is located very close to the pier and in the …