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October 6 - San Francisco

Rice a Roni a San Francisco Treat - I am laughing because we had been to San Francisco twice already this year and I said to Bernie "I Love San Francisco but would like to go somewhere else for our next holiday" guess where we are today. Yup San Francisco! But I am glad, it is a beautiful city and we have made arrangements to meet up with our friends Jerry and Rose, along with Angelique and Simon.

I should say that our Captain on board this voyage is NicoloBommarco from Italy.
We aren't scheduled to arrive in port until 10 am but when we get up around 7 am we can see that we are going to be late. Fog is heavy as we eat our breakfast on our balcony and can see San Francisco bay in the distance.
I headed to the "secret spot" which really isn't that much of a secret anymore. If you head all the way forward on Caribe or Baja deck there is a door that looks like you should be allowed to go thru but you can, then there is a second door and that leads you a narrow…

October 5 - Day at Sea in the Pacific

Nothing better than a day at sea. Nothing to worry about, nothing scheduled, just a day to do whatever we want and and enjoy the time.

It is a bit cool out but still nice, so we head up on deck.

Off in the distance we spot a whale, yes that is a whale... wish I could of gotten a better shot but by the time I got the camera out and changed the lens this is what I got.

Here are the pizza guys! Princess makes all their pizzas from scratch, the dough which they stretch out right in front of you and then the toppings. It is consumed as fast as they come out.

At 11:15 we head to the Wheelhouse bar for our first of many trivia contests. Brett (our cruise director) is the host. It is quite popular and the place is packed. Beside us I recognize a couple, yup they are Helen's brother and sister in law... Mike Forest and his wife... they are doing the two day cruise and will be getting off in San Francisco. Well we didn't do too well at the trivia but we had a good time. Here is a shot of t…

October 4 - Vancouver - All Aboard

Today is the day! We board the Island Princess for our second cruise thru the Panama Canal.

Again we booked thru Best Prices Cruises, and again their price just couldn't be beat. I can highly recommend them. As you read prior, this cruise was booked sort of last minute. Two months ago as we relaxed on our weekend I went and checked the prices and the cost for flight home and well we felt we couldn't pass it up. We booked in a lowest balcony guarantee as that was all we could get. About five days before sailing we got a cabin assignment, we were upgraded from a BG category to a BD category, our cabin was B716.

Joining us on this cruise will be Shelley and Rob, and their friends Laurie and Jim.Rob arranged a limo to drive us all to the pier. We were picked up shortly after noon and got to the pier around 1 pm.

After our last experience at the pier in May and the long line ups, we knew this time would be different as the Island was the only ship in port. From the minute we got out…