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Ship's Excursions Or Private Excursions?

Everyone asks all the time:
"What should we do in the ports?" "Vickie what do you recommend for excursions?""Should we do ship's tours or private excursions?"
Well it isn't like you can answer these questions with a short answer and since so many ask I will try and help and answer them here.
A private tour for the four of us in St. Kitts - $20 per person
Many people cruise for different reasons, some for the vacation of just getting away, they don't care where you go. Some want excitement and want to be very active in every port and fill each minute ashore with things to do. Others just want to relax and love sea days and you have to force them off the ship when docked in port.

And all the above are great, and okay... it is your vacation and you can do whatever you want.

So when it comes to what should you do in port... well what do you want to do. You need to ask yourself, do you want to hang out at a beach all day, do you want to shop till you d…