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Kitchen Reno - MY HGTV show - NOT

Bernie and I have been talking about redoing our kitchen for such a long time. We have been watching shows, tearing out pages from magazines, checking out stores and commenting on friend's kitchen since the day we moved into our apartment.

We started setting things up last fall, we got quotes, we shopped around we knew what we wanted.

The beging of March we put the order in for the cabinets, hey how come no one told me cupboards are so expensive. Well they are and trust me we have good taste. I guess there is no recession when it comes to trades and reno companies because trying to get them to come to our home to take measurements is like pulling teeth. And when they do come we never see a quote!

So order has gone in for the cupboards and we are excited, guess we can't back out now.

Our friend Trevor comes over one Saturday to help Bernie remove the old cupboards and he takes all of them for his daughter's kitchen, love recycling!

The kitchen looks so bare! absolutely not…