Thursday, November 18, 2021

Covid Testing Post Cruise for Canadians

Awhile ago, September, I wrote about covid testing requirements for Canadians travelling on a cruise.  You can find a link to that blog here.

I wanted to add more information now that I have completed my cruises on Celebrity and am almost finished my first leg on Majestic Princess.

On Celebrity we were contacted to say we required a PCR test to fly home to Canada.  We got off early, one of the first groups, and we were tested right at the pier after we picked up our bags and cleared customs.  

We then drove to the airport and an hour later we had our results in our inbox.

We are now on the Majestic Princess on our 2nd to last day of this voyage.

A few days ago we received a letter saying since we are on a back to back we need to have a rapid Antigen test taken on last day.  We are to meet in the Vista lounge at a set time where the tests are administered free of charge.

Then yesterday we received a call saying since we are flying home to Canada we need at rapid PCR test that will be administered at the pier after we get our bags and clear customs.  Results will be sent to our phones within a short period, probably before we arrive at LAX.

Now we told him we were on a back to back and he said to ignore then.  But the test applies to us when we do get off in a few weeks.

These protocols are also good for any other non US citizens it is just I can not speak specifically about any other country entry requirements except my own.

But one thing is for sure.  Travelling on a cruise ship is wayyyyyy easier than any of the time we have spent on land prior to cruise or the time in between the cruises.  And we have felt much much safer.  No hotel or resort on land requires everyone to be vaccinated who is staying there.  Nor do they require you to have a negative test to stay there.