Thursday, September 3, 2020

Halifax Bound for Two Nights


We are up early and packed up the car.  I made a reservation at a lovely restaurant for brunch today.  All local food and it did not disappoint.  It is called The Flying Apron in Summerville.  Check out these amazing eggs Benedict. 

Here is our routing today.  

We booked two nights accommodation in Halifax at the Lord Nelson Hotel and Suites.  It is located right across from the Halifax Gardens and they had a great rate for Nova Scotians.

I did upgrade to a Garden Suite that had a separate living area and a view of the Gardens across the street.

It was a lovely room and we so enjoyed the air conditioning.  Again we are going through a heat wave at the moment.

Right away I notice two things.  There is only one remote, but each room has a tv.  Also the internet WiFi signal is almost non existent.  Kind of reminds me of the old days on cruise ships (or at least not any I have been on in a while).

I call down to the front desk to report both issues.  They promise to resolve both right away and to call the IT guy.

The remote appeared soon, but the internet signal was horrible.  You can see in the picture below the door to the suite.  I had to stand at the door just to get one or two bars.  Sitting on the couch or in the bedroom I had no signal.  I could see that the router was in the hallway about 40 feet away, but there were a few doors and an alcove in between that I am sure was causing issues.  

We walked down to the waterfront and enjoyed a lovely meal and a stroll.

We went out for dinner and when we came back the signal was still nothing.  I will deal with it in the morning.

The next morning I notice that there is a sign on the desk for the guests from the manager.  It states if you have any issues please email her or call her and then her details.  So I phoned and left a message.

We then went out for the day.  We did some shopping, some touring around and then again because of the heat we were wiped out.  Back in the room around 3 pm and still no signal.  By now I am frustrated.  I emailed the manager and no response.

At 5 pm I called back down to the front desk and stated my ongoing issue.  Of course they had no record of it.  I asked for a WiFi booster to be installed.  The IT guy appeared (who was also the guy that checked us in)  He agreed the WiFi signal is poor and installed a booster at the desk.  

I am disappointed that the hotel did not deal with the issue on my first two requests.  This style room obviously needs a booster and the fact that they promote this room for business trips where you can work from the room is sad.  

The hotel overall was lovely, the rooms were very clean, the location was great and staff wonderful.  Would I stay here again? Maybe, but probably just in a regular room.  

We had a great time in Halifax.  We have a lot of friends and family here in the city but this trip we decided to just focus on us. There will be other trips to the city.

I know there are tons of great things to do in Halifax.  We have cruised here four times. We have stayed here numerous times and played tourist.  Make sure to search the blogs for our previous stays here and what you could do if you only had a night here.

On the Tuesday morning we were up at a crazy hour!  Like 4 am!  We both were awake and decided well we may as well head home.  We actually were missing home.  In the car by 5 and home by 9:30 and that included a stop for breakfast.

We had a great staycation in Nova Scotia.  We really really really like the Valley and plan to go back.  For now we are going to focus on the house, the garden and preserving all the food that the garden is putting out.

Thanks for following.