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Portifino and Rapallo For the Day

Today Andrea has taken the day off and both he and Federico are taking us to Protifino and Rapallo for the day. Wow - this is an added bonus.

Portifino is about a half hour from Genoa.  Travelling along the coast the roads are narrow and busy. But not crazy.  I would really hate to see this area in the summer when the tourist are here and ships are in port.

Since I really didn't have any idea we would be going here I really had no idea what to expect.  Sure I had heard of Portifino and the area.  I had heard it is very beautiful.  I had no idea how small it is.  It is really a hamlet.  

We arrive in town and we park in the parking garage.  How they manage to build a parking garage here is beyond me. Thank goodness Andrea is a great driver and is use to these narrow roads and even narrower parking garages.

We walk along the water.  People are busy having a coffee, talking with locals, and tourists are shopping.

One thing I have forgotten to mention is this whole area is known for focacc…

A Tour of Genoa

It is nice to wake and slowly get ready.  Federico makes us a wonderful breakfast and we relax sipping our drinks - of course mine is a Cappuchino.

Today Federico is going to show us around Genoa.  How lucky are we to have a tour of a city by a local.

We are excited because we get to take the bus!  Yes I know kind of weird, but hey that is just what us bus drivers like to do when on vacation - take the bus.  Buses here are very clean and new.  

We notice a woman get on with a dog on a leash. Apparently here it is okay to do this.  As I mention to Federico that at home all pets must be in a closed carrier to prevent accidents/bites etc.  I notice the dog is throwing up!  Yup he is sick.  Well of course this can happen.  
Then to my shock the woman actually got napkins and cleaned it up.  Well that was a relief.  I am sure if this happened at home and someone did not clean it up someone would slip and then sue transit.  Anyways it is cute to see this dog on board.

We get off at Piazza Verdi …