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Booking Flights to Europe and Home from Fort Lauderdale

As many of you know I am not a huge fan of flying. Not that I am nervous or afraid - it is just BORING and not comfortable.  Remember my blog Joys of Flying.  Well not much has changed.

This time this are a little different.  We are wanting to see a dear friend - Federico Castro and his partner Andrea who live in Genoa. Some of you may know Federico he use to be a Captain Circle Host with Princess.  

We first met Federico on the Caribbean three years ago where we started a great friendship.  Then last year the relationship really developed when we were on the Royal for a month. 

You know how you meet someone and you instantly connect and know you will be friends forever, well that is how we felt.  

We were saddened to hear he was leaving Princess but happy he was settling down and was very happy with Andrea in Genoa.

Okay sorry back to the theme of the blog.

So we had to look at flights to Genoa. So many options but what was the most economical and the most convenient.

Thankfully the two cha…

Vancouver Airport Tips for Travellers

Are you flying into Vancouver (YVR) anytime soon as a cruisers?  Here is some information you may find helpful.

YVR is constantly wining awards for it's airport.  From Art, Safety, Speed, Offerings, even to sleep in (yes that is an award) you name it, it wins.  It is almost always in the top five airports in the world every year.

Every time I fly thru I am amazed at it's beauty.  

Of course this all comes at a price and it is a hidden cost that is tacked onto every flight traveling thru Vancouver in the form of a tax.  Yes if you want these great things you do need to pay for them somehow.

If you are arriving at the airport for a cruise here is some things you may find helpful

If you are flying from a foreign country you will arrive at the international section of the airport.  The airport is a large one with a section for domestic and international.You will have to clear customs first. On the plane you will receive a Customs Declaration Form that needs to be filled out (one per fa…

Final Thoughts on All Inclusive Vacation

Our goal of this holiday was an inexpensive holiday where we could relax.  In the end those two goals were met.
Even though our original hotel was not a right fit, upgrading to the Riu Pacific Palace was the right decision.  It ended up costing us a bit more. In total the vacation cost us $4,000 in the end including spending money.  Since the resort was all inclusive the added cost of food and drinks was kept down.  
Like I have mentioned in previous blogs we use to travel to Mexico to all inclusive every year for two weeks before we really started cruising.  We had vacationed three times to Puerto Vallarta, two times to Huatulco, once to Manzanillo, Loretto, and Mazatlan.  So we knew the product. 
Since those holidays we have cruised extensively on over 60 cruises.  We really knew that product but found because of higher cruise prices and the low Canadian dollar and also because in May our cruise destinations were limited we chose to head back to Mexico.
I am going to break this overvie…