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Plans for the Ports On Our Coastal Cruise

We leave on our Coastal Cruise tomorrow and we are visiting four ports -- Catalina, San Francisco, Astoria and Victoria.

We have been to all but this will be our first visit to Astoria. 

After listening to a great podcast from the Cruise Dudes about a visit to Catalina I am excited to head back there and do some of the things they talk about.  I am considering a snorkel trip, but this will be highly dependent on how cold it is.  There is a restaurant I want to go to... The Lobster Trap.  We are also considering visiting the Casino and maybe a hike.

For San Francisco we are there only at 2 pm and are there overnight.  We connected with some good friends who are coming into the city for the night.  We will meet for dinner the first day. 

On the second day we are going to meet up again and head out to Golden Gate Park and then for a nice lunch near the pier - I hear it is Dim Sum, yum. 

Astoria is a highlight.  We have heard great things about it and are looking forward to exploring on foot…

Quick Getaway - 7 Day California Coastal Repositioning

About five weeks ago a deal came thru on an email from Princess that we jumped on.  We booked the lowest inside and was assigned the highest inside right away.  Two weeks ago I saw that the price had dropped even more so I called our travel agent and she was able to get us an upgrade to an unobstructed ocean view at no cost.  

So even though final payment had happened it is always a good idea to watch fares and depending on circumstances your agent can go to bat for you to get you something. Don't expect it but if it comes your way enjoy.  It also helped that there were still many cabins available and they wanted to fill the ship.

We are boarding the beautiful Crown Princess again.  You may recall we have been on this ship quite a bit.  We did the 49 day South America trip on her, and we visited her a few times in Vancouver last summer on turn around day, as well as a trip on her last Sept.  

We had a few reasons for booking other than price.  Main one the crew, many of our Princess …

Cruise Etiquette - the Ins and Outs on How to Make Your Cruise Experience Better

I love to cruise!I love being on board.My biggest frustration when sailing is how other cruisers act.Common courtesy goes a long way.Remember what your Mom said “do unto others and you would like done unto you”.

I have been wanting to write this article for a long time.I posted the question on my facebook page and I got many great ideas from my fans and I have incorporated many of them here.


No matter what dining option you have (traditional or anytime) many of these tips apply.

-Make sure to dine in your appropriate venue.Traditional diners are assigned a time and table in a specific dining room. Choosing to dine in the anytime dining room (although staff often check cards) takes away space from those who have anytime dining, while your table in traditional dining room goes empty.

-If you have a set time for dining or have made a reservation make sure you show up on time.Other diners at your table often wait for others and waiters hold back courses/order until everyone shows up.Th…