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WHAT!I am awake at 5 am…. I turn on my book light and stumble around the cabin to get dress and gather a few items to head out.I head up to the top deck and if you have never been up this early you should do it one day if you can.You would be surprised at how much is happening on board during the evenings.

The deck staff is washing down the entire deck.  It is windy and I try to walk along the sea walk but cautiously cause it is like a wind tunnel. 

I get quite a few good shots but time to head down to the Piazza to get my cappuccino. 

I grab a seat and relax and what is funny is out the window I can see land and it is so close.  It seems like we are going to hit it, but of course we are not.  Tracie (a fellow cruisers who also is doing a live thread) joins me and we chat about life, travel, family and of course cruising. 
I need to get a bite to eat and head up to the Horizon Court.  I see the waffles and I am just about to grab one when the chef comes up and says here have a fresh ho…

Sea Day Evening – Formal Night

I know it is a formal night but we did both formal nights last sailing and I really don’t feel like dressing up.We dress smart casual and head down to Vines where Ryan serves us the rest of our wine from the other night.And well it was so good that we ordered a second bottle.

The champagne waterfall is happening and they are walking around with champagne and those amazing chocolate truffle pops by Norman Love. 

The officers are introduced and the Captain speaks a bit and I really am impressed because Captain Dino is seen walking around later on saying hi to everyone.  He wandered around deck 5, deck 6 and then deck 7.  That was nice and people really appreciated it.

We meet up with friends in Bellini’s Bar for some champagne and I am really feeling it so I insist we get something to eat.  Since we are not dressed formally we head to Alfredos for pizza.  We had a great time with friends Federico and Trevor and lots of great laughs. 

It is getting late and as we head aft towards to the Vi…

Our Thoughts on the First Cruise

I have been meaning to write my overall thoughts on the ship and the first leg of the cruise.I am getting around to it now.First off I think this ship is beautiful.  It looks amazing and it is so nice to be on a newer ship with so many new amenities.  It shines!  And not just the décor but I think the crew on board make it shine. 
I have lots of favorite spots on board. 

I love the large Vines with the seats beside the windows.
The Atrium is amazing and so big.  It is easy to find nooks and crannies to read or talk and still enjoy the events in the center.  I love when they have the ballroom dancing there.  It is so beautiful to see people dancing there.

The Coffee Bar is a great set up too.  They have it down perfectly, they have a spot to line up and they take your order, write it on a slip and then you move to the end of the bar to pick up your drink.  It flows and would love to see a similar process for other ships.

Crooners is large and the staff are great there.  And Kory’s perform…