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Tuesday – Day at Sea

Ahhhhhh – yup that is the first thing I say when I wake.Even though I love visiting amazing ports, there is nothing better than those forced relaxation days that sea days bring.

As I lay in bed sipping my latte and reading a magazine I can feel the stress of work easing away.  There is nothing I have to be at, there is no reason to dress and head out, heck I am not even hungry.
We spend the entire morning doing really nothing noticeable.  We read, we enjoy a coffee, we watch tv.I wanted to tell you about a great new show we ran into on the tv.  One of the channels shows Jan Swartz introducing a show called “Destinations In Depth” which is a show where they team up with experts from The University of California Los Angeles.  They discuss history, architecture, culture, food and a huge variety of places.  We watch a few and really enjoyed them.
We need to get dressed though.  Today is the Most Travelled Luncheon.  Today’s lunch is being held in Sabatinis.  We are sat at a table with two ot…

San Francisco

The Captain mentioned we would be crossing under the Golden Gate Bridge early – like 5:30!I wake around 6 am and look outside but we have already cleared under the bridge and we are approaching the pier.It is very dark out and can’t see much anyways.
I try to get back to sleep but soon there is a knock at our door “room service” I hear.  But we didn’t order anything, so I open the door and say “think you got the wrong room”.  And yup he wanted 215.  Darn maybe should of just accepted it and enjoyed, but we are awake now.
We toss and turn, try to get back to sleep but I am awake.  They announce around 7 am that we have received clearance and we can go ashore whenever.
We are meeting up with friends Paula and Minn at 10 so we are not in any rush.  We shower and make our way up to the Horizon Court for a light breakfast. 

We walk off at 9:30 am and I check out the terminal and take lots of pictures for my fan page.  It is a beautiful terminal.  Lots of room, very modern, fresh and attractiv…

Sunday Night – At Sea

We meet up with our friends Michelle and Pam and their spouses in Skywalkers at 6 pm for cocktails.Fletcher the bar waiter is there again, we are able to catch up more this time as it is quieter here tonight.We remember that we first met him on the Star Princess and then this year on the Crown Princess.We are so proud as he has been promoted to bar staff up here in Skywalkers and he does such a great job too.Very personable with the passengers.

Tonight’s drink feature is the Mojito and chips and salsa.  Drink prices are still $5.
We head down to the Atrium to catch the champagne waterfall and meet up with Claudio and see Francesco and others.  Cara is replacing Johan as CSD and we enjoy chatting with her getting to know her better. 

The Atrium is not as crazy as we have seen it in the past, we can actually maneuver around.  Even the line up to pour the champagne is not long.  Princess’ chocolate feature is being presented.  Staff are walking around with a tray that is tiered that has th…

Sunday Day – At Sea

I sip my latte and write up my blog and really enjoying the relaxation.I am having trouble getting a good signal to my cabin so I may need to go to a public area for better wifi.

We decide that breakfast in the dining room is in order today and we head to Da Vinci for open seating.  We sit at a large table of 8 and we enjoy getting to know three other couples.  However breakfast took a very long time, over an hour but the food was good and hot once we got it.  Guess we arrived at a very busy time.
After breakfast we are down to our regular routine of sitting in the International Café.  Me with my latte and Bernie with his tea while we both read for a while.  We don’t really have anything major planned for today except the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet at 11.
The gathering was well attended and it was nice to meet some of the people we had been chatting with for a while now.  It was especially nice to meet Michelle and Pam and their partners. 
Today they are doing a Pub Lunch in the Wheelh…

Saturday Night Recap

As I lay here on Sunday morning sipping my latte that Bernie brought me and thought I should update what we ended up doing last night.
We agreed to meet at Crooners.  You see Bernie is always ready way before me so he heads to the lounge and then I finish getting ready and I go meet him.  As soon as I sit down the bar staff come over and they recognize us from earlier this year.  So hard to believe how many have been on since we got on last February, but they are going home soon.

I had my first Bramble martini of the trip and we sat there listening to this amazing Mariachi band in the Piazza, and have to say it was lovely.  Hard to sit still and not dance in your seat, in fact everyone I look at is getting into the mood.

We head to Da Vinci and we are lead to table 449 and we are looking for Mark and Lorelei who are hiding behind their station and surprise us.  Huge hugs and kisses.  Lorelei is such a dear, a lovely woman who is from the Phillipines and is married with two young boys.  …

Saturday Evening

We are back at the pier around 1 pm and we are on within 20 minutes.  Very smooth.

We are in our cabin E229 which is an obstructed view cabin, with a very good view over a lifeboat.  Our cabin steward Teddy introduces himself.  We ask about our bed.  The bed is horrible, big sag and definitely past it’s prime.  He offers an egg crate foam to put over it but we know that won’t do much.  We suggest a board under the mattress to help with the sag and a new mattress if they can.  But later he says there are no spare mattresses until San Diego.  Boy we have been having great experiences with mattresses for a long time now and thought that Princess had learned and had improved their beds, but I guess not.  Thankfully this is only a seven day trip and we should muddle thru, but stay tuned.

Teddy got us the top sheet for the bed, extra towels and the room looks in great shape.

We walked around the ship a bit and ran into so many people who remember us and many who are from other ships that we ar…

Flying to Long Beach

Why is it so much harder to wake up early when you are officially on vacation than when I have to get up for work?We made it in good time to Seattle, even considering the heavy rush hour traffic.
We checked into our hotel around 4:30 pm and we went to our room and noticed a strange odor but just opened the windows hoping that in time the smell would leave.
Dinner was in order, we were starving.  We went and had a nice meal and then stopped at Target and then Total Wine.  Bernie wanted to stop at Total Wine to pick up his favorite Scotch an 18 year old Glenmorangie that is a special item.  
He has been wanting this for a while and since it is so much cheaper in the US and hard to find at home he treated himself.  We are not taking it on the trip, it is staying with the car to take home.
When we returned to the room the odor was still strong.  Not sure what it was, but it smelled chemical in nature, kind of like if you were trying to spray a cleaner/deodorizer but I knew we culdn’t spend th…

Night in Seattle

Heading out to Seattle today after my shift.  Yeah I had to work today.  Early early early... 4:30 am start but I am done at 12:18 pm and once I get home and change and pack the last minute items we will make our way South to Seattle.

It is a nice drive and the weather should be good.  It will take about 2.5 hours and we are spending the night.

When we booked the flights we were able to find a great deal with Jet Blue to Long Beach but it is out of Seattle. 

Even with the nights' accommodation, which includes parking for the week, it still works out cheaper than flying out of Vancouver.

We are staying once again at the Marriott TownePlace Suites which is a great place and there is a Starbucks right beside the hotel and includes breakfast.

Flight is early Saturday - 7 am - but we get into Long Beach early too.  This will allow us to grab a cab to the pier, drop off the bags and then maybe go for a walk.  

Stay tuned.