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San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua – March 30, 2014

We wake up to the vibration of the anchor dropping.Bernie heads down to get his tea and we sit out on the balcony to enjoy the view.It is cooler right now but it seems like it will get very hot later.The Patter says it will be 34C/93F Sunrise is 5:42 and Sunset is 5:53.
While sitting on the balcony Bernie spots a pod of whales and we sit out and enjoy the whales as they breach and tease us.  Not many people are up on their balconies.  Probably down have breakfast I am guess.
We are in another tender port and there are a lot of ship’s tours.  We are planning on going ashore in our bathing suits and finding a restaurant and relaxing for the day.
I decide to try breakfast up in the Horizon Court, this time I was smart.  I went to the waffle station and saw that the machine was loaded with fresh waffles so I wait for them to be cooked and take one of them and this way I know they are hot.  They were very good.  I also enjoyed a big plate of fresh fruit.  This trip has had a huge selection of…

Puntarenas, Costa Rica – March 29, 2014

It was a hard night, the cabin is so hot.At first I thought it was just because of facing the sun all day but I think there is more to it.When we come back today we will call down and report to get it repaired.
First I keep forgetting to put in the temperature each day, but I will go back and update the blogs when I get home with the temperatures so others sailing around the same time can know what to expect. 
Today it is FREAKING HOT!  Is that a technical term?  HOT, muggy and well HOT.  There is no wind at all which increases the temperature to STUPID HOT.  And it is only 7 am!  We are docked here, and there is another ship here with us a Fred Olsen Ship.  Seems odd to be sharing a pier with another ship, it has been such a long time since we have been in port with another ship.
So back to the temperature.  Today the Patter states it is 32C 90F but it actually got hotter than that.  Sunrise was 5:39 and Sunset is 5:49.
We have a private tour today planned that Trish from our Roll Call…

Sea Day – Day Three March 28, 2014

I thought I could start with something exciting, something crazy, something that would keep you all on the edge of your seat.
But nope, nothing like that happened.  No major excitement.  I almost feel silly writing about how little we did, but we did very little.
We had the clocks go back an hour so currently we are only a one hour difference from home.  Sadly this means we are closer to getting home.  But enough silly talk we still have a week.
Since we all gained an hour seems like many are up earlier than normal, including us.  We also crashed so early last night that we are awake at 6 am.  Feeling much better too.  A good night’s sleep is what I needed.
I write up my blog and post it to the extremely slow internet – I should of known morning is one of the worst times to get on line.
I meet up with Bernie down on Deck 5 to grab a tea, I am staying away from dairy right now.  The place is a zoo, worse than a zoo.  A day at the zoo when there is free admission. 
The Bijoux sale is going t…

Sea Day Number Two – March 27, 2014

Today marks 365 days we have sailed with Princess (actually I am 7 days more but want to celebrate with my honey).It is also a formal night and we decide we will celebrate tonight with some champagne.
Today I surprise Bernie by heading up to Horizon Court with him for breakfast.  I had an egg, one sausage, some fruit, one piece of toast and all of it was hot, well not the toast but that is understandable.
What amazes me about this cruise is how crowded it feels.  Now we have sailed on this class of ship over 20 times and have never felt it so crowded as we have for these past 40 days.  The demographics of this cruise is much much older than we are use to.  I am sure this has to do with the length of the trip and that it sailed from a US port and returns to a US port.  Also these are very experienced cruisers they love their trivia and their evening shows.
Trying to find a seat in the International Café in the morning is a game of chance and speed (which works in our favor because we are …

Sea Day – March 26, 2014

I love sea days and after two days in port the crowds seem to be ready.I am writing this on the 28 so I am racking my brain to try and remember what we did each day and night.Most of our days are spent relaxing in the cabin first thing.  The weather is warm again and we love sitting out on the balcony and enjoy our coffees and look out at the ocean.
We run into Sherri and Ken and catch up with them in the coffee bar, it has been awhile since we have seen them.  Amazing you can be on the same ship and not see each other. 
Cabin is still taking quite a long time to get cleaned in the morning.  We were gone for four hours and when we came back it was still not cleaned so we went off again.  This steward Ronalda does his job but he is not great.  I finally had to ask for some items that should be standard.  Soap, beach towels, clean the mirror (not sure what was smeared all over it when he cleaned it last time).  Sadly this steward is worse than the last one.  But still sure beats the heck…

Lima in the Evening

We are back on board around 5 pm and we are hot, dirty and tired.  I have a shower and lay down on the bed and I fall asleep for an hour and a half and wake up groggy and dazed. 
Dining room is completely open seating tonight, but we know what and who we want to sit with.  Mark and Lorelei.  Their section is quite and they are happy to see us since we missed them yesterday.
We are not very hungry and I just have a salad and a small serving of the pesto pasta with green beans and red potatoes.  Oh and they have one of my favorite sorbets, lime vodka sorbet. 
All aboard is 9:30 and there are a few things going on around the ship but not much.  Not many people are out and about – I am sure they are tired.
We walk by Explorer’s and see a magician – sorry I don’t remember his name because I later find out he was not scheduled for tonight because the originally scheduled performer Matt Henry did not arrive with his luggage so Lisa asked this other guy to perform.  I will try and get his name …

Pisco! Sour! -- Callao/Lima Peru – March 25, 2014

We are back!Last time we were delayed because of fog and we were delayed by over four hours so we didn’t end up doing our tour with Taxi Lima.This time I needed to make it up to Renato and arranged a 7 hour tour for 8 of us.This is a spot we had been looking forward to.
We docked early, and once again this is a large industrial port.  We don’t dock in Lima we dock in the district of Callao, which in itself is a large city and is right beside Lima.  Together the area has over 10 million people in population.
We were given a letter a few days ago from the Captain warning us of the dangers in Callao of muggings and petty crime and to use caution when travelling around Callao and the port area.  Of course many on board freaked right out and many were not even going to get off the ship. 
I was a little disappointed to hear this and felt that these people are really going to miss out.  I am also surprised that head office did not offer the same serious warning of petty crimes for Rio, Buenos …