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My Overall Experience on the Emerald this Winter

We feel like the Emerald is our second home, we know the nooks and crannies and which way to go to get around crowds, where to find a quiet spot, when to shop and when not to.  We recognized faces, areas and ports like old friends.  This year when we decided to do 30 days instead of our regular 20 we were not sure how we would like it.   We had done three cruises of 30 days in a row prior but we had never done 3 back to back ten day cruises and were wondering how it would work out repeating itineraries and returning to Florida every ten days.   Our friends Jeannie and Greg are on all winter and we have often commented that that is something we could maybe do when we retire too and this was sort of a try out I guess.

The ship is beautiful, the crew work very hard at keeping it up to the standard we have come to know and love.  But there are a few areas that are need some TLC, especially in the cabins where numerous dings and tears are noticeable.  Any issue that needed addressing in our…

Sea Day

I wish I could write something more exciting but I am having a hard time coming up with a different description of – doing nothing but relaxing.
We woke around 8 am and the fact we are able to sleep until we wake without the thrusters to wake us up coming into port is a treat.
YEAH sea day!  I know some people dislike them, but for me it is a forced relaxation day… yeah I can hear you all now…. As if I need a reason to relax on board.  Okay okay, but it is a forced day to relax and not feel like I should do anything I don’t want to.  The only downside of sea days is nobody gets off the ship! 
So we have to share the Atrium and the coffee bar with a lot of people who would do almost anything to get a table and seat, and don’t dare stand up to get something because someone is eyeing that chair!But we are settled in nicely at a nice table and I see Beverly and before I can even ask she says “cappuccino and English Breakfast tea?” yup…. Oh we are going to miss this service.  And when I come…

Thermal Suite

I wanted to write a bit about my experience again in the Thermal Suite.As some of you may remember I first tried the Thermal Suite last Fall on the Star on a short re-positioning cruise.That experience was not the best because it was just so busy and my thought was that they must of oversold the package for the two day trip as it was always so crowded.So I wanted to try it again to see how a longer voyage would compare.
On the first day of my last ten day cruise I went on a tour of the facility.  The facility compared to the Star is similar but it seems like the Star’s Thermal suite is bigger and certainly laid out better in my opinion. 
With the Emerald you have to check in at the desk, hand over your card where you are then given a robe to wear.  I changed into my bathing suit in the Women’s change room and put on my robe then walked thru the spa area and down a flight of stairs to the Thermal Suite – note there is a wheelchair accessible lift if needed. 

The area is one very large r…

St. Thomas

This is our third visit here this cruise and the first time at Havensight.Many people prefer Havensight because of all the stores in the port, but since I am not a huge shopper and definitely like to get away from the stores at the port I prefer a quieter Crown Bay and the option of going to Water Island.But that is not an option today, plus we really don’t need any more sun as we are still suffering from our sunburns.
We head to breakfast where I have the most delicious waffles with sausage and orange juice and we try to figure out what we want to do.  We get as far as heading down to the International Café for coffee.  Now this is cruising!
We watch the crew muster for their Assessment Party Drill – where most crew have to participate in.  Always interesting to be on board when they do this drill and see what happens.

We chat with Meldon for quite a while, he is the bar supervisor down in the Coffee Bar, such a dear and so helpful to all passengers even the ones we personally would str…

St. Kitts – Monday

I wish I could start this day with something exciting! Something memorable!Something you would tell your friend!But I can not!
After a very early night last night and a good sleep I wake still feeling the effects of those rum punches.  We pull into port and we are right across from the P & O Ventura ship which the exact same ship as ours.  It is pretty cool to look at the same ship but with a few little differences.  We notice immediately that they allow smoking on their balconies and there are a lot smoking out there.

We see that they have the same horrible hard plastic flooring on their balconies as we do but it is green in color.  Their deck furniture is similar to the deck furniture they are replacing on most Princess ships.  Up on the top decks it appears like they have the same covered area at the front where the Sanctuary is on our ship but it seems to be just regular chairs and open to everyone.  They do not have MUTS, is instead a covered pool area like the Grand/Star/Golde…