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Getting Ready for South America

Wow it is hard to believe that the trip is only a few weeks away.  We booked this trip a year and a half ago and back then it seemed like it would never happen, but all of sudden we are pulling out suitcases, getting different currencies and printing out boarding passes.

Since this is going to be a 30 days cruise, with six days in Rio de Janeiro prior, and two days in San Francisco prior it was an organizing nightmare.  But thanks to my friend Anita who showed me her technique for keeping everything organized it all came together. 

Right from the beginning when we booked I got a binder out and created a blank page for every port that we were visiting, and a few pages for Rio.   At the top of each page I wrote the port, date we were there, and the times we were in port.  As I came across information that I thought might be helpful I wrote it on the page.  Once I had booked something I wrote the details down here as well.  I also created different favorite folders on my computer for each…