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Two Days at Sea

Day 1 – at Sea

Clocks went ahead one hour so we are awake at 8:30 but it is really 7:30.Have to say first, the bed is so comfortable, certainly the best mattress we have ever had on a Princess Ship, no egg crate foamy needed.
Dining room is open for breakfast until 9:30 so we head down for that.Oksana is the host at the dining room, in February she was working in the coffee bar and she remembered us.We sat with two lovely couples, one from Florida and one from England.Only problem with breakfast in the dining room is that it can be very long, and we are finished at 10:30.
Bernie goes to pick up his watch from the stores as it needed to have a few links taken out.Sarah from Canada (Toronto area) stood up from behind the counter and recognized Bernie right away.So nice to see her again, and surprised to see her back on board the ship.

Our Cruisecritic meet and greet is at Skywalkers so we head up there.It was nice to see the Customer Services Director, Cruise Director, Shore Excursion Manag…

Nov 24 - 28 Pre Cruise - Seattle for One Night then Three Nights in Fort Lauderdale

We arrived at the RenaissanceSeattleAirport hotel around 3 pm.Got a room on the third floor near the end of the hallway.The room was very nice and the bed was very comfortable.Since it was Thanksgiving we headed downstairs for a meal of turkey which was nice but man that chef likes salt, everything on the plate was overly salty or maybe I am just use to less salty food at home.

We went to bed early as we had a 3 am wake up call, but were woken up at 10:30 pm by the smell of cigarette smoke, hmmm this is a non smoking hotel?We call the front desk, their comment was “would you like to change rooms”.I never can understand that?It is 10:30 we are in bed and you want us to pack up and move when we are not the problem.My suggestion to them was maybe you might want to contact security to find out who is smoking.As soon as I hung up I went to the hotel room door and checked and sure enough a door had just been closed near us (didn’t notice which one) and it became quite clear that someone had …

November 24, 2011 - heading out

Well couldn't sleep too much last night, woke up at 4 am today and my mind wouldn't stop.  Did I pack the Kindle charger, did I pack the travel alarm clock, did I pack my good watch.  Of course I had packed all the above.  It is rare we forget something and even if we do oh well we can do without or we can buy down there.  As Bernie always reminds me "no worries Vickie I hear they have stores in Fort Lauderdale". 

House is all set up with a friend staying there for the next few weeks. 

We will be driving down to Seattle in a few hours.  Not sure what the border will be like with it being the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend.  But since stores are closed today I am hoping not too many Canadians are heading down today, plus we all have to work.  We do have our recently acquired Nexus card so if the line is busy we can go thru the Nexus line.
Booked Radisson Hotel Gateway Seattle-Tacoma Airport thru and we won the bid for $65 for the one night.    We will head o…

Preparing for our Caribbean Cruise

We are heading off again for another adventure on the Emerald Princess in the Caribbean.  We are doing the back to back 20 days on her again.  I know I know we just did that itinerary in January/February.  In fact this will be the third time we have done this itinerary, but since Princess doesn't offer anything longer than the 10 days, we end up teaming them up to create 20 days.  And the price couldn't be beat.

We had two weeks vacation and with a few days from our banked overtime and a few trades with other workers we are able to swing it. 

Once again we booked with .  They were so great when we had to cancel two cruises within a week of leaving in May, and they helped us secure our future cruise credits that we used those future cruise credits right away to book these trips.  We booked back in June and secured initially an inside cabin but a few months later decided to upgrade ourselves to a balcony.  And we are glad we did when we did.  Sinc…