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South America Anyone?

Finally we are going to South America, I know I know it is still a while from now - but Feb 2012 will come soon.

We originally booked the Star March 3 Santiago to Rio then continuing to Fort Lauderdale.  But two weeks after booking our agent left me a message that Princess has cancelled these two voyages.  Bummer, but after some investigating I figured the Star princess is probably the ship that is being re routed to Alaska for the summer of 2012.

I read on the Cruise Critic boards that yes in fact Princess is moving the Star from Europe to Alaska for 2012.  Okay I guess I need to rethink this.

We ended up changing our direction then, we now start in Rio De Janeiro, which will be just at the start of Carnival -- Bernie's dream come true.  We will sail around the horn to Valparaiso, where the next leg will begin as we sail 16 days to San Francisco.  In total it will be 30 days at sea but boy oh boy is this ever a dream cruise for us.

I've created the file for the trip and I am doin…

October 19 & 20 - At Sea and Heading Home

There is always a unique feeling when you know you are nearing the end of the voyage.  There are a handful of passengers who are staying on for the return trip to Los Angeles, lucky them another glorious 14 days on board the Island, but unfortunately Bernie and I have to head home and back to work.But first we have two more sea days!Tonight Ed Fernandez the Hypnotist is performing in the Universe Lounge and we all attend.  Shelley ends up on stage and she is hypnotized and boy what a good laugh we all had.
Here Ed tells the participants that it is really cold and you are shivering and you need to try and stay warm - Shelley snuggles the lady beside her.

 Now they are told they are professional ballerinas, Shelley is a natural

Ed tells the men on stage that you are in labour and giving birth, the women you are there to assist them, and doesn't Shelley just jump right in and offer assistance.
We are laughing our heads off and we can barely contain ourselves.  After the show we head to t…

October 18 - Aruba, again

We are back, yup Aruba - but we are heading ashore today because we have an errand to run for a friend.  But we don't dock till later so Vickie finally gets a chance to sleep in.
We are excited to check out the Wake Show as our Jasper Moosejaw mascot is making an apperance on it.  Check out the video below - which I recorded from the television.

We decide to head off the ship with Rob and Shelley as they are needing to go to the store and to be led in the right direction for shopping.  I am not really into shopping so Bernie and I point them in the right direction and we are off to buy aloe lotion from Aruba and then we head towards the Rennaisance Mall to get a latte at our coffee bar, but low and behold there is a Starbucks here now!  But I really wasn't want a latte so we wandered around a bit and then looked at each other and decided to head back on board the ship.

We are back on board by 1430 and we change into bathing suits and we are up laying beside the pool very soo…

October 17 - Cartagena, Columbia

Cartagena Columbia
I am tired, been quite a few busy days and as I wake and throw the robe on and head out to the balcony I see we are all ready docked and it is only around 7:30.  It is another hot and humid day, and I am struggling and thinking of ways to get out of going ashore.  But Bernie says it is a short visit and we will regret if we don't go ashore.

So I get dressed and we pack our camera and I am off and the humidity hits me as soon as I head ashore.  We were here last year and we go to get a taxi and we see right away, as was the same last year, that the people at the port are trying to get us on a tour.  We were offered a tour for $20 but all we really want is a taxi.  We leave the port area where the taxis are and we are offered a taxi ride to old town for $4, but $5 is a good price too.  We are dropped right in front of the main gates and we run into Rob & Shelley and Jim & Laurie who are trying to figure out what and where to go.

This city is beautiful, one o…

October 16 - Transiting the Panama Canal

Pamana Canal Today

We are here again!  I am so happy, for dedicated cruisers Panama Canal is their place.  But having been here just last year I am feeling a lot more relaxed about our transitioning of the canal.  I am wakened relatively early, mainly because of room service being delivered.  Here are some facts about the canal:

We are sailing towards the Bridge of the Americas, I am not even dressed as we sail under the bridge.  We line up to enter the first set of locks "Miaflores Locks", the time is around 7:00 am.
We are in our robes sitting on the deck and travelling thru the locks and then we start to head towards the Pedro Miguel Locks.  But we are hungry and decide to head to the dining room for breakfast.

The dining room is very quiet, we are sat at a table for two right beside the window.  Below shows us in the Pedro Miguel Lock with only about a foot between the window and the lock wall.

After br…